SINBAD Fall 2013 Presentations

SINBAD 2013 Presentations

Monday, December 2


1) Frugal FWI

2) Relaxing the physics: A penalty method for full-waveform inversion

3) Examples from the Penalty-method

4) Extended images in action: efficient WEMVA via randomized probing

5) Parallel 3D FWI with simultaneous shots

6) Phase-residual based quality-control methods and techniques for mitigating cycle skips

FWI & case studies

7) Reflection FWI with a poor starting model

8) Lessons learned from Chevron Gulf of Mexico data set

9) SLIM's findings on the Machar dataset

10) Model-space versus data-space FWI with the acoustic wave equation

11) Uncertainty analysis for FWI

Wave-equation based linearized inversion

12) Fast imaging with multiples and source estimation

13) Imaging with hierarchical semi separable matrices

14) Fast imaging via depth stepping with the two-way wave equation

15) Extended images in action: efficient AVA via probing

Tuesday, December 3

Seismic data acquisition & multiples

16) Time-jittered marine sources

17) Estimating 4D differences in time-lapse using randomized sampling techniques

18) Bootstrapping Robust EPSI with coarsely sampled data

19) Using prior support information in approximate message passing algorithms

Seismic wavefield recovery via matrix/tensor completions

20) Wavefield reconstruction with SVD-free low-rank matrix factorization

21) Structured tensor formats for missing-trace interpolation and beyond

22) Matrix and tensor completion for large-scale seismic interpolation: a comparative study

Large-scale (convex) optimization

23) The proximal-proximal gradient algorithm

24) Putting the curvature back into sparse solvers

25) A dual approach to PhaseLift via gauge programming and bundle methods

26) Taming time through tangents

Compressive sensing

27) The bridge from orthogonal to redundant transforms and weighted ℓ1 optimization

28) Applications of phase retrieval methods to blind seismic deconvolution

29) Noise reduction by using interferometric measurements

30) Compressed sensing, recovery of signals using random Turbo matrices

Wednesday, December 4

Forward modeling & computational aspects

31) Krylov solvers in frequency domain FWI

32) Accelerating an iterative Helmholtz solver with FPGAs

33) Solving the data-augmented wave equation

34) Swift FWI