SLIM Presentations at IMAGE 2022

We are pleased to announce the following abstracts accepted for oral presentations at the International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy during Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2022 at Houston, Texas.

Tuesday Aug 30

4:30 PM oral presentation, Session MLDA 8: “Uncertainty Quantification 2” - Ali Siahkoohi “Velocity continuation with Fourier neural operators for accelerated uncertainty quantification

Wednesday Aug 31

8:00 AM oral presentation, Session ACQ 1: “Marine Acquisition 1” - Yijun Zhang “A simulation-free seismic survey design by maximizing the spectral gap

1:45 PM oral presentation, Session CO2 2: “Monitoring Using Seismic Methods 2” - Ziyi Yin “Learned coupled inversion for carbon sequestration monitoring and forecasting with Fourier neural operators

3:10 PM oral presentation, Session INTD 2: “Leveraging Software and Infrastructure to Drive Innovation through Data” - Mathias Louboutin “Accelerating innovation with software abstractions for scalable computational geophysics

Thursday Sep 1

3:55 PM workshop, Session W-14: "Subsurface Uncertainty Description and Estimation – Moving Away from Single Prediction with Distribution Learning": - Ali Siahkoohi “Reliable amortized variational inference with conditional normalizing flows via physics-based latent distribution correction

4:20 PM workshop, Session W-17: "What's Next for FWI and its Derived Products": - Mathias Louboutin “Abstractions and algorithms for efficient seismic inversion on accelerators