Abstractions and algorithms for efficient seismic inversion on accelerators

TitleAbstractions and algorithms for efficient seismic inversion on accelerators
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsMathias Louboutin, Felix J. Herrmann
Conference NameIMAGE Workshop on What's Next for FWI and its Derived Products
Keywordsalgorithms, deep learning, devito, FWI, Imaging, JUDI, LSRTM, SEG, software, workshop

We present the SLIM open-source software framework for computational geophysics, and more generally, inverse problems based on the wave-equation (e.g., medical ultrasound). We developed a software environment aimed at scalable research and development by designing multiple layers of abstractions. This environment allows the researchers to easily formulate their problem in an abstract fashion, while still being able to exploit the latest developments in high-performance computing. We illustrate and demonstrate the benefits of our software design on many geophysical applications, including seismic inversion and physics-informed machine learning for geophysics (e.g., loop unrolled imaging, uncertainty quantification), all while facilitating the integration of external software.


(IMAGE Workshop, Houston)

Citation Keylouboutin2022SEGWSaaa