Velocity continuation with Fourier neural operators for accelerated uncertainty quantification

TitleVelocity continuation with Fourier neural operators for accelerated uncertainty quantification
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsAli Siahkoohi, Mathias Louboutin, Felix J. Herrmann
Conference NameInternational Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy Expanded Abstracts
KeywordsFourier neural operators, SEG, Uncertainty quantification, velocity continuation

Seismic imaging is an ill-posed inverse problem that is challenged by noisy data and modeling inaccuracies–-due to errors in the background squared-slowness model. Uncertainty quantification is essential for determining how variability in the background models affects seismic imaging. Due to the costs associated with the forward Born modeling operator as well as the high dimensionality of seismic images, quantification of uncertainty is computationally expensive. As such, the main contribution of this work is a survey-specific Fourier neural operator surrogate to velocity continuation that maps seismic images associated with one background model to another virtually for free. While being trained with only 200 background and seismic image pairs, this surrogate is able to accurately predict seismic images associated with new background models, thus accelerating seismic imaging uncertainty quantification. We support our method with a realistic data example in which we quantify seismic imaging uncertainties using a Fourier neural operator surrogate, illustrating how variations in background models affect the position of reflectors in a seismic image.


(IMAGE, Houston)

Citation Keysiahkoohi2022SEGvcw