Post-doctoral fellow / former Ph.D. student
Research Area: My main work currently focuses on computational methods for large scale inverse problems such as seismic inversion. Inverse problems such as seismic inversion require access to scientific computing framework in order to solve the wave equation. With Devito, my main work during my Ph.D, I provide a high-level symbolic DSL for the definition of partial differential equation. Devito then automatically generate and compile highly performant low-level C-code to solve the wave--equation while domain specialist such as geophysicist or mathematics only need to define it at a readable level. This works enable research and development that would be unfeasible or would requires years of work without the simple and accessible interface and solver I developed. I am also working on methods for solving seismic inversion problems, that are non-convex PDE constrained optimization problems, as well as on the extension to advanced representations of the physics of methods that are currently restricted to the trivial isotropic acoustic case. Devito is an open-source project that can be found at:


About me: Ph.D. student at Georgia Institute of Technology, School of computing, CSE. I completed a Bs.C. in Mathematics and Physics, did two years of aircraft engineering and obtained a Ms.C in applied Mathematics with honors at Universite of Rennes 1 in France before starting my Ph.D. with Professor Felix. J. Herrmann. Expected to graduate in Spring 2020.