SINBAD Fall 2012 Presentations

SINBAD Fall 2012 Presentations

Compressive sensing: theory & applications

1) Weighted methods in sparse recovery

2) Ocean bottom seismic acquisition via jittered sampling

3) Compressed sensing, random Fourier matrix and Jitter sampling

4) An introduction to cosparse signal reconstruction

5) Non-convex compressed sensing using partial support information

Compressive sensing: extensions, recent insights & applications

6) Seismic trace interpolation via sparsity promoting reweighted algorithms

7) Analysis versus synthesis in weighted sparse recovery

8) Compressed sensing: a tool for eliminating repeatability in acquisition of 4D (time-lapse) seismic data

Compressive sensing: matrix & tensor completion

9) Seismic data interpolation using SVD Free Pareto Curve based Low Rank Optimization

10) Hierarchical Tucker Tensor Optimization - Applications to 4D Seismic Data Interpolation

11) Large scale seismic data interpolation with matrix completion

Wave-equation based inversion: time-harmonic Helmholtz

12) 3D Frequency-domain waveform inversion using a row-projected Helmholtz solver

13) CARP-CG: A computational study

14) Frequency domain 3D elastic wave propagation in general anisotropic media

Wave-equation based inversion: fast and robust FWI

15) Randomized sampling: How confident are you?

16) Estimating Nuisance Parameters in Inverse Problems

17) Variance parameters estimation - Application to Full Waveform Inversion

Wave-equation based inversion: sparsity promotion

18) Fast sparsity-promoting imaging with message passing

19) Fast Gauss-Newton full-waveform inversion with sparsity regularization

Wave-equation based inversion: image volumes

20) Yet another perspective on image volumes

21) Accelerating on sparse promoting recovery and its benefits in seismic application

Wave-equation based inversion: multiples

22) Recent developments on the robust estimation of primaries by sparse inversion

23) Fast imaging with multiples

Large-scale optimization

24) Generalized SPGL1: from theory to applications

25) Wireless Sensor Network Localization

Case studies and recent developments

26) Wave-equation based inversion with joint sparsity promotion

27) Our findings on the Chevron benchmark dataset

28) Anisotropic 3D full-waveform inversion of the Tommeliten Alpha field

High Performance Computing

29) SLIM's perspective on HPC & big data

30) Cray Inc: High performance data-intensive computing in oil & gas: the fusion of HPC and Big Data

31) IBM Canada: IBM forecast for HPC in seismic data processing

32) Maxeler: The fastest way to Elastic FWI and RTM through Dataflow computing

33) MathWorks: Matlab as a key development tool for research and production algorithms

34) Intel: HW and SW Update