CRMN method for solving time-harmonic wave equation

TitleCRMN method for solving time-harmonic wave equation
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRafael Lago, Art Petrenko, Zhilong Fang, Felix J. Herrmann
Conference NameCopper Mountain Conference
KeywordsCGMN, CRMN, Forward Modelling, Helmholtz equation

We address the solution of PDEs associated with the wave propagation phenomena in heterogeneous media using CGMN method. It consists of a conjugate gradients method using Kaczmarz double sweeps as preconditioner. This preconditioner has the property of ``symmetrizing" the problem allowing short recursion and Lanczos type of Krylov methods to be employed. In this talk we propose the use of CR, a minimal residual Krylov method closely related to CG. We study the proposed method which we call CRMN and discuss crucial aspects as the behaviour of the norm of the residual and the norm of the true error. We also discuss the result of an inversion of a small subsample of the 3D velocity model SEG/EAGE Overthrust using frugal full-waveform inversion method with CRMN and CGMN for solving the associated PDE, showing a strong interest in studying the behaviour of CRMN for larger realistic cases.


(Copper Mountain)

Citation Keylago2014CMCCRMN