Wave-equation based inversion with amortized variational Bayesian inference

TitleWave-equation based inversion with amortized variational Bayesian inference
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsAli Siahkoohi, Rafael Orozco, Gabrio Rizzuti, Felix J. Herrmann
Conference NameEAGE Annual Conference Proceedings
Keywordsconditional priors, EAGE, Normalizing flows, seismic imaging

Solving inverse problems involving measurement noise and modeling errors requires regularization in order to avoid data overfit. Geophysical inverse problems, in which the Earth's highly heterogeneous structure is unknown, present a challenge in encoding prior knowledge through analytical expressions. Our main contribution is a generative-model-based regularization approach, robust to out-of-distribution data, which exploits the prior knowledge embedded in existing data and model pairs. Utilizing an amortized variational inference objective, a conditional normalizing flow (NF) is pretrained on pairs of low- and high-fidelity migrated images in order to achieve a low-fidelity approximation to the seismic imaging posterior distribution for previously unseen data. The NF is used after pretraining to reparameterize the unknown seismic image in an inversion scheme involving physics-guided data misfit and a Gaussian prior on the NF latent variable. Solving this optimization problem with respect to the latent variable enables us to leverage the benefits of data-driven conditional priors whilst being informed by physics and data. The numerical experiments demonstrate that the proposed inversion scheme produces seismic images with limited artifacts when dealing with noisy and out-of-distribution data.


(EAGE, Madrid)

Citation Keysiahkoohi2022EAGEweb