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Felix J. Herrmann, DNOISE III – the next step, SINBAD Spring consortium talks. SINBAD, 2014.
Felix J. Herrmann, Compressive seismic imaging, in AMS Von Neumann, 2007.
Felix J. Herrmann, Ernie Esser, Tristan van Leeuwen, and Bas Peters, Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion (WRI) – a new take on wave-equation based inversion, in SEG Workshop on Full Waveform Inversion - Elastic Approaches and Issues with Anisotropy, Nonshallow Inversion, Poor Starting Model; Denver, 2014.
Felix J. Herrmann and Tristan van Leeuwen, SINBAD's research program, presented at the 11, 2011.
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Felix J. Herrmann, Accelerated large-scale inversion with message passing, in SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, 2012, vol. 31, pp. 1-6.
Felix J. Herrmann, Mathias Louboutin, Thomas J. Grady II, Ziyi Yin, and Rishi Khan, The Next Step: Interoperable Domain-Specific Programming, in SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, 2023.
Felix J. Herrmann, Recent developments in primary-multiple separation, in SINBAD 2007, 2007.
Felix J. Herrmann, Low-rank based matrix/tensor completions for the "real" (seismic) world, in Workshop on Sparse Representations, Numerical Linear Algebra, and Optimization; Banff, 2014.
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Felix J. Herrmann, Recent developments in wave-equation based inversion technology, in SEG Workshop on FWI; Oman, 2013.
Felix J. Herrmann, Curvelet imaging and processing: an overview, in CSEG Annual Conference Proceedings, 2004.
Felix J. Herrmann, Latest developments on the Chevron GOM and other datasets, SINBAD Spring consortium talks. SINBAD, 2013.
Felix J. Herrmann, (De)-Focused wavefield reconstructions, in SINBAD 2008, 2008.
Felix J. Herrmann, Rajiv Kumar, Haneet Wason, Shashin Sharan, and Felix Oghenekohwo, Highly repeatable 3D compressive full-azimuth towed-streamer time-lapse acquisition –- a numerical feasibility study at scale, SINBAD Fall consortium talks. SINBAD, 2017.
Felix J. Herrmann, Digital twins in the era of generative AI, The Leading Edge, vol. 42, 2023.
Felix J. Herrmann, Yogi A. Erlangga, and Tim T.Y. Lin, Compressive sampling meets seismic imaging, in SIAM, 2008.
Felix J. Herrmann, Breaking structure - why randomized sampling matters, in CSEG Technical Luncheon, 2014.
Felix J. Herrmann, NSERC 2012 DNOISE progress report, UBC, TR-EOAS-2012-4, 2012.
Felix J. Herrmann, Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion – reaping the benefits from extending the search space, in SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences, 2015.
Felix J. Herrmann, Welcome & Overview of the Meeting, SINBAD Fall consortium talks. SINBAD, 2015.
Felix J. Herrmann, Introduction to 2022 ML4SEISMIC Partners Meeting, ML4SEISMIC Partners Meeting. 2022.
Felix J. Herrmann, Surface related multiple prediction from incomplete data, in EAGE Annual Conference Proceedings, 2007.