Post-Doctoral Fellow
Research Area: numerical linear algebra; massively parallel programming and high performance computing; Krylov subspace methods; heterogeneous Helmholtz equation; full waveform inversion

About me: I am a computer scientist with background on numerical linear algebra and high performance computing, focused on the solution of large sparse linear systems of equations. In my PhD obtained in the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT), I focused on the solution of the three-dimensional heterogeneous Helmholtz equation with application to full waveform inversion problem in geophysics. 2004-2008: BSc in Computer Science (UERJ - Brazil) 2008-2010: MSc in Systems Engineering and Computer Science (COPPE/UFRJ - Brazil) 2010-2013: PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (INPT - France) 2013-to date: PostDoc fellow in Seismic Laboratory for Imaging and Modelling SLIM research group (EOS/UBC - Canada)