Wavefield-Reconstruction Inversion — WRI

TitleWavefield-Reconstruction Inversion — WRI
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFelix J. Herrmann
Conference NameInaugural Full-Waveform Inversion Workshop
KeywordsFWI, inversion, WRI

We discuss a recently proposed novel method for waveform inversion: Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion (WRI). As opposed to conventional FWI — which attempts to minimize the error between observed and predicted data obtained by solving a wave equation – WRI reconstructs a wave-field from the data and extracts a model-update from this wavefield by minimizing the wave-equation residual. The method does not require explicit computation of an adjoint wavefield as all the necessary information is contained in the reconstructed wavefield. We show how the corresponding model updates can be interpreted physically analogously to the conventional imaging-condition-based approach.


(Natal, Brazil)

Citation Keyherrmann2015IIPFWIwri