Software Release 2014 (June 26, 2014)

We prepared a number of exciting new and updated software releases on a variety of topics. To give you faster access to our recent work, we also included “beta” releases, which as the name suggests, are less polished hot-from-the-press software releases. Have fun.

Stable release (June 2014)

  1. Source separation via SVD-free rank minimization in the hierarchical semi-separable representation (new). 2-D over/under, blended marine acquisition scheme, and a deblending (or source separation) algorithm. For questions contact Haneet WatsonRead moreGitHub
  2. Joint recovery method for time-lapse seismic data (new). Processing time-lapse data acquired via randomized sampling, e.g. recovery from data with missing traces and the other from a time-jittered marine acquisition. For questions contact Felix OghenekohwoRead moreGitHub
  3. Fast least-squares imaging with source estimation using multiples (update). In this update (June 2014), you will find examples used in Tu and Herrmann (2014), a manuscript submitted to Geophysical Journal International. For questions contact Ning TuRead moreGitHub
  4. Parallel 3D frequency domain full waveform inversion (new). Parallel workflow for the 3D frequency domain full waveform inversion with Helmholtz equation solved by a parallel CARPCG. For questions contact Zhilong FangRead moreGitHub