Multifidelity conditional normalizing flows for physics-guided Bayesian inference

TitleMultifidelity conditional normalizing flows for physics-guided Bayesian inference
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsAli Siahkoohi, Rafael Orozco, Gabrio Rizzuti, Philipp A. Witte, Mathias Louboutin, Felix J. Herrmann
Keywordsdeep learning, ML4SEISMIC, Normalizing flows, seismic imaging, SLIM, Variational Inference

We introduce a scalable Bayesian inference approach that combines techniques from deep learning with a physic-based variational inference formulation. Bayesian inference for ill-posed inverse problems is challenged by the high-dimensionality of the unknown, computationally expensive forward operator, and choosing a prior distribution that accurately encodes prior knowledge on the unknown. To handle this situation and to assess uncertainty, we propose to approximate the posterior distribution using a pretrained conditional normalizing flow, which is trained on existing low- and high-fidelity estimations of the unknown. To further improve the accuracy of this approximation, we use transfer learning and finetune this normalizing flow by minimizing the Kullback-Leibler divergence between the predicted and the desired high-fidelity posterior density. This amounts to minimizing a physic-based variational inference objective with respect to the network weights, which we believe might scale better than Bayesian inference with Markov Chain sampling methods. We apply the proposed Bayesian inference approach to seismic imaging where we use quasi-real data obtained from the Parihaka dataset.

Citation Keysiahkoohi2021ML4SEISMICmcn