Higher dimensional blue-noise sampling schemes for curvelet-based seismic data recovery

TitleHigher dimensional blue-noise sampling schemes for curvelet-based seismic data recovery
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGang Tang, Reza Shahidi, Felix J. Herrmann, Jianwei Ma
Conference NameSEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts
KeywordsPresentation, SEG

In combination with compressive sensing, a successful reconstruction scheme called Curvelet-based Recovery by Sparsity-promoting Inversion (CRSI) has been developed, and has proven to be useful for seismic data processing. One of the most important issues for CRSI is the sampling scheme, which can greatly affect the quality of reconstruction. Unlike usual regular undersampling, stochastic sampling can convert aliases to easy-to-eliminate noise. Some stochastic sampling methods have been developed for CRSI, e.g. jittered sampling, however most have only been applied to 1D sampling along a line. Seismic datasets are usually higher dimensional and very large, thus it is desirable and often necessary to develop higher dimensional sampling methods to deal with these data. For dimensions higher than one, few results have been reported, except uniform random sampling, which does not perform well. In the present paper, we explore 2D sampling methodologies for curvelet-based reconstruction, possessing sampling spectra with blue noise characteristics, such as Poisson Disk sampling, Farthest Point Sampling, and the 2D extension of jittered sampling. These sampling methods are shown to lead to better recovery and results are compared to the other more traditional sampling protocols.

Citation Keytang2009SEGhdb