Efficient seismic imaging with spectral projector and joint sparsity

TitleEfficient seismic imaging with spectral projector and joint sparsity
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLina Miao
UniversityThe University of British Columbia
Thesis Typemasters
KeywordsMSc, thesis

In this thesis, we investigate the potential of improving the eciency of seismic imaging with two advanced techniques: the spectral projector and the 'joint sparsity'. The spectral projector offers an eigenvalue decomposition free computation routine that can filter out unstable evanescent wave com- ponents during wave equation based depth extrapolation. 'Joint sparsity' aims to improve on the pure sparsity promoting recovery by making use of additional structure information of the signal. Besides, a new sparsity optimization algorithm - PQNL1 - is proposed to improve both theoretical convergence rate and practical performance for extremely large seismic imaging problems.



Citation Keymiao2014THesi