Compressive seismic imaging with simultaneous acquisition

TitleCompressive seismic imaging with simultaneous acquisition
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFelix J. Herrmann, Yogi A. Erlangga, Tim T.Y. Lin
Conference NameIAP

The shear size of seismic data volumes forms one of the major impediments for the inversion of seismic data. Turning forward modeling and inversion into a compressive sensing (CS) problem - where simulated data are recovered from a relatively small number of independent sources - can effectively mitigate this high-cost impediment. Our key contribution lies in the design of a sub-sampling operator that commutes with the time-harmonic Helmholtz system. As in compressive sensing, this leads to a reduction of simulation cost. This reduction is commensurate with the transform-domain sparsity of the solution., implying that computational costs are no longer determined by the size of the discretization but by transform-domain sparsity of the solution of the CS problem that recovers the data. The combination of this sub-sampling strategy with our recent work on preconditioned implicit solvers for the time-harmonic Helmholtz equation provides a viable alternative to full-waveform inversion schemes based on explicit time-domain finite-difference methods.


Presented at the IAP meeting, Vienna

Citation Keyherrmann2009IAPcsisa