Comparative study of time-lapse FWI approaches

TitleComparative study of time-lapse FWI approaches
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFelix Oghenekohwo, Felix J. Herrmann
KeywordsPresentation, SINBAD, SINBADFALL2015, SLIM

I will illustrate the performance of our joint recovery model for time-lapse FWI. Specifically, I will compare our method to other conventional methods, namely, parallel difference and sequential difference FWI. I will illustrate the robustness of our method compared to others especially in the presence of missing data caused by large acquisition gaps. In addition, I will assess the performance of these methods in the detectability of the time-lapse change in synthetic data. Analysis of these methods under different starting FWI model will also be highlighted.

Citation Keyoghenekohwo2015SINBADFcst