Ph.D. student
Research Area: My research is focused on Full Waveform Inversion and on wave equation modelling in time and frequency domains (see Modelling). One of the main challenges in imaging the Earth is to provide more accurate images of the structure of the Earth, reducing the proportion of required resources from both an acquisition (number of shots, receivers configuration) and a processing (calculation time, memory, hardware–software) point of view. My contribution in reducing those relative amounts of required resources is centred on computation time resources: I'm working on accelerating wave equations solvers, which can be improved analytically, adapting the optimization methods and their preconditioning, or practically, fitting the code onto specifically designed hardware such as, for example, Field Programmable Gate Arrays.

About me: I am an engineer in physics and astrophysicist. I started my PhD at SLIM in September 2012 after having graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg--currently Télécom Physique Strasbourg—-in September 2011. I enjoyed a great job for 6 months in the space industry, in Thales Group, but my interest for geophysics and especially for an enriching experience abroad quickly called me back to the student life.