Visiting Scholar
Research Area: seismic interferometry for reservoir imaging, characterization and monitoring

About me: Joost van der Neut graduated at Delft University of Technology on interferometric redatuming by multidimensional deconvolution. In this methodology, Green's functions are retrieved by an inversion process, rather than by crosscorrelation as is common practice in seismic interferometry. Some advantages of this approach include the compensation for intrinsic losses, non-uniform source distributions, source signature variations and (last-but-not-least) one-sided illumination. His main focus has been to apply this methodology for controlled-source exploration with buried receivers to improve seismic imaging below complex overburdens and salt canopies. However, a similar methodology could also be applied for Green's function retrieval from passive seismic data. Recently, Joost became fascinated by an iterative scheme (essentially being a 3D extension of the Marchenko equation) that enables the retrieval of a Green's function in an unknown medium from a single-sided reflection response. His main aim is to improve the robustness of this scheme when applied to field data and to utilize it for seismic imaging with internal multiple reflections.