Software Release 2018 (April 8, 2018)

Software Release — April 2018

  1. JUDI — The Julia Inversion framework. JUDI is a framework for large-scale seismic modeling and inversion and designed to enable rapid translations of algorithms to fast and efficient code that scales to industry-size 3D problems. The focus of the package lies on seismic modeling as well as full-waveform inversion (FWI) and imaging (LS-RTM). Wave equations in JUDI are solved with Devito, a Python domain-specific language for automated finite-difference (FD) computations. JUDI will replace opesci-SLIM). For questions contact  or GitHub

  2. Large-scale seismic data compression with on-the-fly shots/receivers generation from compressed Hierarchical Tucker parameter. (new on master branch) This package provides an algorithm for fast shots/receivers extraction once representing seismic frequency slices in the latent Hierarchical Tucker format. It can work for both fully sampled and missing entries scenarios. The combination of massive compression and fast on reconstruction of 3D shot or receiver gathers leads to a substantial reduction in memory costs in the subsequent shot-based processings. For questions contact . [Read more][GitHub]

  3. 2D Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion with Source Estimation. (new on master branch) This software is about source estimation for wavefield reconstruction inversion (WRI). We implement an algorithm that can on-the-fly estimate the source function in the framework of WRI. For questions contact . [Read more][GitHub]