Software Release 2017 (September 21, 2017)

Software Releases — September 2017

My group worked hard this Summer cumulating in a lot of new software all in Julia — a public domain highly performant just-in-time compiled language. All our Julia software been updated so it is now compatible with Julia version 0.6.

  1. Residual Constrained Alternating Minimization (RCAM) (new on master branch) A Julia factorization-based alternating minimization scheme for large scale matrix completion on parallel computing architectures. For questions contact . [GitHub]
  2. GenSPGL (new on master branch) A Julia solver for large scale minimization problems using any provided norm. GenSPGL supports implicit arrays(JOLI), explicit arrays, and functions as modelling operators A. For questions contact . [GitHub]
  3. SeisIO (new on master branch) A Julia package for reading and writing SEGY Rev 1 files. In addition to providing tools for reading/writing entire files, SeisIO provides a scanner that turns SEGY volumes into an object with direct out-of-core access to the underlying data. For questions contact . [GitHub]
  4. Devito: Fast Finite Difference Computation. (updates to master branch) Devito is a Python tool for performing optimized Finite Difference (FD) computation from high-level symbolic problem definitions. Multiple updates improving performance and stability of the package. For questions contact . [GitHub]
  5. Julia interface for Devito. (updates to master branch) A Devito-based large-scale seismic modeling workflow and provides a framework for wave-equation based inversion methods, like full waveform inversion or least squares migration. Updates to use our SeisIO package for SEGY input/output, out-off-core functionality, and performance improvements. For questions contact . [GitHub]
  6. Time-domain seismic imaging. (updates to master branch) This application demonstrates our Julia tools for reverse time migration (RTM) and least squares RTM (LSRTM) with and without sparsity constraints. Added examples for 2D least-square RTM. For questions contact . [Read more][GitHub]
  7. Time-domain FWI. (new on master branch) This application demonstrates using software to perform full-waveform inversion. Includes example for 2D-Overthrust model. For questions contact . [GitHub]
  8. 3D time-domain FWI. (new on developer branch) This prototype application (in script fwi_overthrust_3D.jl) demonstrates using software to perform full-waveform inversion, but for 3D synthetic data (including script generate_data_overthrust.jl to generate data). For questions contact . [GitHub]
  9. JOLI - Julia Operators LIbrary. (updates to master branch) Julia framework for constructing matrix-free linear operators and applying them in basic algebraic matrix-vector operations. Added numerous new operators. For questions contact . [GitHub]