Software Release 2017 (February 23, 2017)

Software Release — February 2017

  1. Devito: Fast Finite Difference Computations. (slim branch) Devito is a new Python tool for performing optimised Finite Difference (FD) computation from high-level symbolic problem definitions. Devito performs automated code generation and Just-In-time (JIT) compilation based on symbolic equations defined in SymPy to create and execute highly optimised Finite Difference kernels on multiple computer platforms. For questions contact . (GitHub)

  2. JOLI — Julia Operators LIbrary. (master branch) Julia framework for constructing matrix-free linear operators and applying them in basic algebraic matrix-vector operations. It is a Julia implementation of our MATLAB-based SPOT. For questions contact . (GitHub)

  3. Julia interface for Devito. (master branch) This Julia package is a large-scale seismic modeling workflow and provides a framework for wave-equation based inversion methods, such as full waveform inversion or least squares migration. The framework is based on the Devito. The flexible workflow is based on abstract matrix-free linear operators (JOLI) and enables developers to write code that closely resembles the underlying math, while at the same time leveraging highly optimized wave equation solvers, allowing us to solve large-scale three-dimensional inverse problems. For questions contact . (GitHub)

  4. Time-domain seismic modeling. (master branch) This application demonstrates application of our Julia framework for 2D and 3D seismic modeling and inversion in the time domain. The underlying Julia module offers functions for solving the forward and adjoint acoustic wave equation as well as the linearized acoustic wave equation (Born modeling). This module is also based on JOLI abstract matrix-free linear operators, which allow easy formulation of algorithms for PDE-constrained optimization problems, such as least squares migration (LSRTM) and full waveform inversion (FWI). We use Devito (via our Julia interface for Devito) for solving wave equations. For questions contact . (Read more) (GitHub)

  5. Time-domain seismic imaging. (master branch) This application demonstrates our Julia tools for reverse time migration (RTM) and least squares RTM (LSRTM) with and without sparsity constraints. Furthermore the underlying Julia module contains several pre-conditioners for LSRTM, namely model- and data-space topmutes, depth scaling and data scaling. For questions contact . (Read more)(GitHub)

  6. Denoising cross-flow noise using curvelet based stable principle component pursuit. (case study) This application removes the low-rank cross-flow noise from a coil survey by denoising the seismic data using curvelet-based stable principle component pursuit approach. We demonstrate the performance of this method on a coil-survey data acquired in the Gulf of Mexico. For questions contact  (GitHub)

  7. WAVEFORM — a softWAre enVironmEnt For nOnlinear inveRse probleMs. (open source) Waveform is a flexible and modular approach to solving PDE-constrained inverse problems. For questions contact . (GitHub)