Software Release 2016 (August 18, 2016)

Software Release — August 2016

  1. Source separation for towed-streamer marine data via sparsity promotion. (beta in master branch) This package contains a MATLAB implementation of a 2-D over/under blended marine acquisition scheme, and a deblending (or source separation) algorithm based on sparsity-promoting inversion in the curvelet domain using-norm minimization. For questions contact . [Read more][GitHub]

  2. Source separation via SVD-free rank minimization in the Hierarchical Semi-Separable (HSS) representation. (update in master branch) A parallel version of the code was added. For questions contact . [Read more][GitHub]

  3. Several updated frequency-domain modeling and FWI/WRI tools. (in master branch) We have improved the computational efficiency and flexibility of our modeling and inversion toolboxes. Specifically, we have
    1. Unified the interfaces for 2D and 3D, to allow for prototyping algorithms on 2D examples before applying them immediately to 3D examples.

    2. Merged WRI in to the FWI codebase, to allow for easy comparisons between the two methods.

    3. Added automatic source estimation, as well as other features such as arbitrary source/receiver locations.

    4. Added 2.5D modeling/inversion functions, to enable algorithmic prototyping on examples with the correct physical behaviour (spherical wave spreading, correct source behaviour, etc.) at a reasonable computational cost before moving to fully fledged 3D examples.

    For questions, contact . See 2D Frequency-domain acoustic modeling, 3D Frequency-domain acoustic modeling, Common Frequency-domain acoustic modeling.