Software Release 2015 (February 4, 2015)

Stable Software Release — February 2015

  1. Rank minimization based source separation in time-jittered marine acquisition. In this work, we present a computationally efficient rank-minimization algorithm to deblend the seismic data in the case of time-jitteerd marine acquisition. The proposed algorithm is suitable for large-scale seismic data, since it avoids SVD computations and uses a low-rank factorized formulation instead. For questions contact Rajiv Kumar. [Read more] [GitHub]
  2. Large-scale seismic data interpolation using SVD-free low-rank matrix factorization. This software package allows you to compete a large-scale, distributed matrix with missing entries using the SPGLR algorithm. The L and R factors are themselves distributed along with the input data and a copy of the full data matrix is never explicitly formed. We apply this solver to interpolate a very large frequency slice with missing sources and/or receivers. For questions contact Curt DaSilva. [Read more] [GitHub]
  3. Full-Waveform Inversion for time-lapse seismic data. This package is an application for full-waveform inversion of time-lapse seismic data sets using a modified Gauss-Newton inversion framework. Ideas from distributed compressive sensing and stochastic optimization are exploited to create improved time-lapse models and speed-up the inversion, respectively. For questions contact Felix Oghenekohwo. [Read more] [GitHub]