Software Release 2015 (August 31, 2015)

Beta Software Release — August 2015

  1. The linearized Bregman method for L1 constrained optimization. (new in Master Branch) The linearized Bregman method is an iterative solver for one-norm constrained least squares problems and solves a version of the basis pursuit (or basis pursuit denoise) problem. For questions contact Philipp Witte. [GitHub]

  2. Time-jittered blended marine acquisition on non-uniform grids. (new in Master Branch) This package contains a MATLAB implementation of a 2-D time-jittered blended marine acquisition scheme on non-uniform spatial (source) grid, and a deblending algorithm based on sparse inversion via L1 minimization incorporating the non-equispaced fast discrete curvelet transform. For questions contact Haneet Wason. [Read more] [GitHub]

  3. 3D FWI with an Acoustic Helmholtz Modeling Kernel. (new in master branch) This software package implements a basic framework for 3D FWI and conforms to modern software design principles. The code automatically parallelize the computational load over sources and frequencies and has been tested for correctness. The wave equation solves are implemented using the CR solver with a Kaczmarz preconditioner, but the framework is extensible and any solver/preconditioner pair can be easily integrated in to it. Other discretizations of the Helmholtz equation are also possible. For questions contact Curt DaSilva. [GitHub]

  4. 2D/3D Time-domain modeling kernel for inversion. (new in master branch) This package contains a MATLAB implementation of a 2D time-domain acoustic modeling operator and its Jacobian. You can use up to 8th-order finite difference in space and 2nd-order in time. We also use PML boundary layer. This code is also implemented with domain-decomposition. Multiple matlab works is highly recommended for the simulations of large model. Hard free-surface boundary condition is also included (optional). For questions contact Li Xiang. [GitHub]

  5. Tutorial for time-domain 2D/3D acoustic modeling. (new in master branch) This package contains some basic examples of the functionality of the time-domain acoustic modeling package. In particular, we show how to use it for modeling, reverse time migration and least-squares migration on a simple layered model. Several tests (accuracy of the modeling and Jacobian and the adjoint-test) are also included. For questions contact Li Xiang. [Read more] [GitHub]

  6. Time-domain Gauss-Newton full-waveform inversion for Chevron 2014 benchmark dataset. (new in master branch) This package contains matlab scripts that generates some inversion result for Chevron 2014 SEG workshop benchmark dataset. This is an application of SLIM 2D/3D time-stepping forward modeling kernel which can be found in the tools folder of this software release. For questions contact Li Xiang. [Read more] [GitHub]

  7. Code-efficiency updates. (in master branch) Numerous changes aiming at increasing code efficiency in modeling and solver toolboxes: [2D Frequency-domain acoustic modeling], [3D Frequency-domain acoustic modeling], [Krylov solvers], and [Multigrid Preconditioners]