Memory Efficient Invertible Neural Networks for 3D Photoacoustic Imaging

TitleMemory Efficient Invertible Neural Networks for 3D Photoacoustic Imaging
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsRafael Orozco, Mathias Louboutin, Felix J. Herrmann
Document NumberTR-CSE-2022-2
Keywordsinvertible networks, medical imaging, photoacoustic imaging, Physics and Machine Learning Hybrid

Photoacoustic imaging (PAI) can image high-resolution structures of clinical interest such as vascularity in cancerous tumor monitoring. When imaging human subjects, geometric restrictions force limited-view data retrieval causing imaging artifacts. Iterative physical model based approaches reduce artifacts but require prohibitively time consuming PDE solves. Machine learning (ML) has accelerated PAI by combining physical models and learned networks. However, the depth and overall power of ML methods is limited by memory intensive training. We propose using invertible neural networks (INNs) to alleviate memory pressure. We demonstrate INNs can image 3D photoacoustic volumes in the setting of limited-view, noisy, and subsampled data. The frugal constant memory usage of INNs enables us to train an arbitrary depth of learned layers on a consumer GPU with 16GB RAM.

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