Fast RTM with multiples and source estimation

TitleFast RTM with multiples and source estimation
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsFelix J. Herrmann, Ning Tu
Conference NameEAGE/SEG Forum - Turning noise into geological information: The next big step?
KeywordsEAGE, multiples, RTM, SEG, source estimation

During this talk, we present a computationally efficient (cost of 1-2 RTM's with all data) iterative sparsity-promoting inversion framework where surface-related multiples are jointly imaged with primaries and where the source signature is estimated on the fly. Our imaging algorithm is computationally efficient because it works during each iteration with small independent randomized subsets of data. The multiples are handled by introducing an areal source term that includes the upgoing wavefield. We update the source signature for each iteration using a variable projection method. The resulting algorithm removes imaging artifacts from surface-related multiples, estimates and removes the imprint of the source, recovers true amplitudes, is fast, and robust to linearization errors by virtue of the statistical independence of the subsets of data we are working with at each iteration.

Citation Keyherrmann2013EAGEfrtm