A compressive sensing perspective on simultaneous marine acquisition

TitleA compressive sensing perspective on simultaneous marine acquisition
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHassan Mansour, Haneet Wason, Tim T.Y. Lin, Felix J. Herrmann
Conference NameSBGF
KeywordsAcquisition, Compressive Sensing, Presentation, SBGF

The high cost of acquiring seismic data in marine environments compels the adoption of simultaneous- source acquisition - an emerging technology that is stimulating both geophysical research and commercial efforts. In this paper, we discuss the properties of randomized simultaneous acquisition matrices and demonstrate that sparsity-promoting recovery improves the quality of the reconstructed seismic data volumes. Simultaneous marine acquisition calls for the development of a new set of design principles and post-processing tools. Leveraging established findings from the field of compressed sensing, the recovery from simultaneous sources depends on a sparsifying transform that compresses seismic data, is fast, and reasonably incoherent with the compressive sampling matrix. To achieve this incoherence, we use random time dithering where sequential acquisition with a single airgun is replaced by continuous acquisition with multiple airguns firing at random times and at random locations. We demonstrate our results with simulations of simultaneous Marine acquisition using periodic and randomized time dithering.

Citation Keymansour2011SBGFcspsma