Compressive sampling meets seismic imaging

TitleCompressive sampling meets seismic imaging
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsFelix J. Herrmann, Yogi A. Erlangga, Tim T.Y. Lin
Conference NameSIAM
KeywordsPresentation, SIAM, SLIM

Compressive sensing has led to fundamental new insights in the recovery of compressible signals from sub-Nyquist samplings. It is shown how jittered subsampling can be used to create favorable recovery conditions. Applications include mitigation of incomplete acquisitions and wavefield computations. While the former is a direct adaptation of compressive sampling, the latter application represents a new way of compressing wavefield extrapolation operators. Operators are not diagonalized but are compressively sampled reducing the computational costs.

Citation Keyherrmann2008SIAMcsm