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Philipp A. Witte, Mengmeng Yang, and Felix J. Herrmann, Compressive least-squares migration with source estimation, UBC, TR-EOAS-2017-3, 2017.
Gang Tang, Reza Shahidi, and Jianwei Ma, Design of two-dimensional randomized sampling schemes for curvelet-based sparsity-promoting seismic data recovery, UBC Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, TR-EOAS-2009-3, 2009.
Felix J. Herrmann, Empirical recovery conditions for seismic sampling, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC, TR-EOAS-2010-2, 2010.
Mufeed H. AlMatar, Tim T.Y. Lin, and Felix J. Herrmann, Estimation of surface-free data by curvelet-domain matched filtering and sparse inversion, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, TR-EOAS-2010-1, 2010.
Rajiv Kumar, Aleksandr Y. Aravkin, and Felix J. Herrmann, Fast methods for rank minimization with applications to seismic-data interpolation, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, TR-EOAS-2012-3, 2012.
Ali Siahkoohi, Gabrio Rizzuti, Philipp A. Witte, and Felix J. Herrmann, Faster Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems with Conditional Normalizing Flows, Georgia Institute of Technology, TR-CSE-2020-2, 2020.
Tristan van Leeuwen, Fourier analysis of the CGMN method for solving the Helmholtz equation, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, TR-EOAS-2012-1, 2012.
Rongrong Wang, Ozgur Yilmaz, and Felix J. Herrmann, Full waveform inversion with interferometric measurements, UBC, TR-EOAS-2014-5, 2014.
Ewout van den Berg, Mark Schmidt, Michael P. Friedlander, and K. Murphy, Group sparsity via linear-time projection, UBC - Department of Computer Science, TR-2008-09, 2008.
Evgeniy Lebed and Felix J. Herrmann, A hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy of transform-domain sparsification, UBC Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, TR-EOAS-2008-4, 2008.
Ewout van den Berg and Michael P. Friedlander, In pursuit of a root, Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, TR-EOAS-2007-19, 2007.
Brendan R. Smithyman, Bas Peters, Bryan DeVault, and Felix J. Herrmann, Joint full-waveform inversion of on-land surface and VSP data from the Permian Basin, UBC, TR-EOAS-2014-4, 2014.
Shashin Sharan, Yijun Zhang, Oscar Lopez, and Felix J. Herrmann, Large scale high-frequency wavefield reconstruction with recursively weighted matrix factorizations, TR-CSE-2020-4, 2020.
Philipp A. Witte, Mathias Louboutin, Gerard Gorman, and Felix J. Herrmann, A large-scale time-domain seismic modeling and inversion workflow in Julia, UBC, TR-EOAS-2017-1, 2017.
Rajiv Kumar, Ning Tu, Tristan van Leeuwen, and Felix J. Herrmann, Least-squares extended imaging with surface-related multiples, UBC, TR-EOAS-2015-1, 2015.
Mathias Louboutin, Ali Siahkoohi, Rongrong Wang, and Felix J. Herrmann, Low-memory stochastic backpropagation with multi-channel randomized trace estimation, TR-CSE-2021-1, 2021.
Rajiv Kumar, Oscar Lopez, Ernie Esser, and Felix J. Herrmann, Matrix completion on unstructured grids : 2-D seismic data regularization and interpolation, UBC, TR-EOAS-2014-3, 2014.
Rafael Orozco, Mathias Louboutin, and Felix J. Herrmann, Memory Efficient Invertible Neural Networks for 3D Photoacoustic Imaging, TR-CSE-2022-2, 2022.
Ali Siahkoohi, Mathias Louboutin, and Felix J. Herrmann, Neural network augmented wave-equation simulation, Georgia Institute of Technology, TR-CSE-2019-1, 2019.
Felix J. Herrmann, NSERC 2010 DNOISE application, UBC, TR-EOAS-2010-3, 2010.
Felix J. Herrmann, NSERC 2011 DNOISE progress report, UBC, TR-EOAS-2011-1, 2011.
Felix J. Herrmann, NSERC 2012 DNOISE progress report, UBC, TR-EOAS-2012-4, 2012.
Felix J. Herrmann, NSERC 2013 DNOISE progress report, UBC, TR-EOAS-2013-5, 2013.
Felix J. Herrmann, NSERC 2014 DNOISE application, UBC, TR-EOAS-2014-7, 2014.
Felix J. Herrmann, NSERC 2014 DNOISE progress report, UBC, TR-EOAS-2014-8, 2014.