Waveform Reconstruction Inversion with Source Estimation

This software release includes a demonstration of the Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion technique with source estimation in Matlab that has been developed at SLIM.

Author: Zhilong Fang Date : March, 2018


Downloading & Dependencies

The code can be found in the SLIM sofware release under /applications/WaveformInversion/2DWRI-SourceEstimation/.

The code has been tested with Matlab R2015b and requires the Parallel Computing Toolbox.

This code uses the following packages, also found in the tools part of the SLIM software release.

Running & Parallelism

All the examples and results are produced by the scripts found in this software release under /applications/WaveformInversion/2DWRI-SourceEstimation/. Start matlab from that directory or run startup in that directory to add the appropriate paths.

To run the scripts follow the instrictions in the README file enclosed with the code.

Read more about SLIM's approach to parallel computing in Matlab.

Examples and results

An example is shown here.


[1] Zhilong Fang, Rongrong Wang. Felix J. Herrmann, 2017, Source estimation for wavefield-reconstruction inversion.