Large-scale seismic data compression with on-the-fly shots/receivers generation from compressed Hierarchical Tucker parameter

This application is available only in the software release for members of SINBAD consortium.

This software provides an algorithm for fast shots/receivers extraction once representing seismic frequency slices in the latent Hierarchical Tucker format. It can work for both fully sampled and missing entries scenarios. The combination of massive compression and fast on reconstruction of 3D shot or receiver gathers leads to a substantial reduction in memory costs in the subsequent shot-based processings.

Author: Yiming Zhang (

Date: March, 2018


Downloading & Dependencies

The synthetic examples code can be found in the SLIM software release under applications/Processing/HierarchicalTuckerCompression.

The code has been tested with Matlab R2015b and supports, but does not require the Parallel Computing Toolbox.

This code uses the following packages, also found in the tools part of the SLIM software release.

Running & Parallelism

All of the examples and results are produced by the scripts found in this software release under /applications/Processing/HierarchicalCompression/example. Start matlab from /applications/Processing/HierarchicalCompression to add the appropriate paths.

To run the scripts, follow the instructions in the file enclosed with the code

Examples and results

Example is shown here. You can reproduce the results by running the script under /applications/Processing/HierarchicalCompression/examples.


[1] Y. Zhang, C. Da Silva, R. Kumar and F. J. Herrmann, 2017. Massive 3D seismic data compression and inversion with hierarchical Tucker

[2] C. Da Silva, Y. Zhang, R. Kumar and F. J. Herrmann, 2018. Applications of low-rank compressed seismic data to full waveform inversion and extended image volumes


Thanks to our sponsors and NSERC for their financial support.